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Start Your Multifigure, Interior Design Business Today!

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The Employee to Designer
Coaching Program

The Ultimate Coaching Program for Emerging Interior Designers &  Decorators

The Employee to Designer (ETD) Coaching Program is a group coaching program, designed to help emerging interior designers and decorators (just like you) emerge, build, grow, and scale, a profitable, multifigure, residential interior design business, that is aligned with your purpose and brings you true fulfillment & freedom. 

The ETD Coaching Program is the most comprehensive program for emerging design professionals, that unlocks all of the uncertainty, confusion, and fear that comes along with building a business from the ground up.

You'll learn how to turn your gift into a multifigure, profitable business, no matter what level of business experience you have. You'll learn not only how to start your new business, but how to market it, and scale it to 6 + 7 figures, in a smart, responsible, and healthy way, while working your 9-5.  

So if you are an emerging designer or decorator (of any specialization), we have program for you! Don't wait another day trying to figure things out on your own. Get the full step-by-step blueprint to building a multifigure business all in one program.

Click the link below to learn more. 

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You are a good fit if you are...

An Emerging Entrepreneur – working a full-time job, but desperately desires to transition into entrepreneurship, so you can create the life and business that you truly desire.

Resourceful – You understand the power and value of information, and constantly seek it to grow. And when you find the resource that you need to accomplish your goals, you are not afraid to BET on YOU. And most importantly, you BELIEVE in YOU. You are ready to create a business that will afford you the lifestyle you desire, while doing what you love.

Coachable – You’ve searched Google, watched every webinar, attended all the major business conferences, and have listened to endless podcasts, with still no clear strategy or blueprint on how to build and launch a profitable, multifigure business.  But, you are open  to learning how.

Decisive – You have asked yourself the hard question, “what do I want” and have DECIDED, that you want to have financial and time freedom. You want to build a business and career that is aligned with your purpose and passion.


Here's what you will learn during our next 3 months together

PHASE 1: EMERGE: Prepare for Entrepreneurship

PHASE 3: GROW: Connect & Serve Your Audience

PHASE 2: BUILD: Build the Business Foundation

PHASE 4: SCALE: Make Your Business Work for You



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To build the life and business that you truly desire & deserve, you must go through the process of emerging, building, growing, and scaling your business to fit the lifestyle that you want. 





But most people never get to live out their dream of being an entrepreneur, because they are afraid to take a chance on themselves, or they simply don't know where to start. 

The good news is, The Employee to Designer (ETD) Coaching Program and it's 4-phase framework, will guide you every step of the way in building your dream life and business, while working your 9-5, so you no longer have to stay stuck in a life of un-fulfillment & uncertainty.

The ETD Coaching Program follows a 4-phase framework that teaches you how to build, grow, and scale a multifigure business, so that you can transition from your 9-5, in a smart, responsible, and healthy way. 

If you are ready to bet on yourself and walk boldly

into your purpose, I can teach you the way...

These are the four phases of entrepreneurship
Our Signature Program & Courses 



Newly Improved!

The Employee to Designer program is a group coaching experience that follows our Employee to CEO Framework to teach you how to Emerge, Build, Grow, & Scale your interior design business from the ground up. 


You’ll learn how to create a wealthy mindset for success, how to find your ideal client that you are uniquely designed to serve, as well as how to build, brand, market, and sell your design services like a PRO.


And no business can remain profitable without its CEO knowing how to manage the finances and investments in a smart way. So you’ll learn how to manage your books, and key strategies to generate consistent 6-7 figures every year, giving you financial peace and freedom. 


You’ll gain instant 24/7 access to the course, our bi-monthly group coaching calls, along with access to our private member’s only community.


Plus you’ll get access to tons of resources + templates that will guide you through the process of building, managing and designing your multifigure, residential, interior design business in 4-short months!


The End Result: A ready-to-launch, branded Interior Design business, that is positioned to replace your 9-5 salary so that you can do what you love, full-time – Interior Design!



  • Instant Access to the ETD Program

  • 2 Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Office Hours

  • 10+ Pre Recorded Training Videos 

  • Over 40 Hours of Pre-Recorded Coaching

  • 12 Modules of Pre-Recorded Trainings 

  • ETD Course Workbook

  • Branding & Styling Guide

  • Marketing Plan Template

  • Budgeting & Finance Template

  • Ideal Client Avatar Template

  • BONUS: 20% OFF Retreat & Shop

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"They don't teach this in design school"

“Thank you Monique for all of your insight and knowledge. I have learned how to apply so many things to my business model like marketing automation, developing signature design packages, building my install team, and more! They don’t teach this type of stuff in design school.” 


- Katherine J. Employee to Designer Member

what they said
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"The program added so much value to my business"


"There is no way to measure the value that Monique’s coaching program added to my business.  She is not only a marketing genius, but is able to impart wisdom to help us be our best selves."  


- Revkah G. Employee to Designer Member

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