I generated $50,000 in profit 

in my first year part-time.

Here's My Story...

My story is probably a lot like yours.

I worked in the corporate world for over 10 years, in the Marketing and Advertising industry helping multi-million dollar brands market and launch their products & services. I was great at what I did. Until I looked up one day and decided that I was put on this earth to do more. To serve others. So I made the decision. To start my own Interior Decorating business.


In 2012 I started Monique Nicole Enterprises, LLC. a Global Interior Decorating firm, helping people transform their lives through Interior Design and I used my marketing experience to build a Profitable business within my very first year - while still working my 9-5 job!


I generated $50,000 in profit in my first year part-time while working my full-time job.


And as I was building my business, other Interior Designers & Decorators would ask me

"How have you been able to have so much success, in a short period of time while working a job?"

I knew right then, there was a huge gap in our industry.


We were not learning how to run a business in design school. We were only being taught the fundamentals of design. As I looked around, I noticed many of my designer friends were being forced to go and work for someone else because of a lack of knowledge and confidence in starting their own business, to make minimum wage out of design school. Not cool in my book.


I wanted to help change this.

So, in 2016, after giving advice to my fellow Designers & Decorators for years, I decided to fill that gap and become a resource.

Today I introduce to you the Employee To Designer Program! Designed specifically working professionals working a 9-5, but who dreams about creating a Profitable Interior Design business. That was me at one time, so I know the pull and weight that comes with carrying that dream. No fluff, no gimmicks, just strategy that produces results.

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There is no way to measure the value that Monique adds

to my business. She is not only a marketing genius but is able

to impart wisdom to help us be our best selves!


Stop daydreaming about the day that you can finally leave your 9-5 to run and own a profitable design business of your own.

Today is your day to make it happen. It's possible.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business, I am here to help you to get to the next level. I know what it’s like to feel stuck in the cycle of not having enough clients to grow your business. However, the great news is that it’s possible, and I am here to show you exactly how you can make it happen for you.

I'm here to personally guide you every step of the way to show you how to create your custom step-by-step action plan to help you achieve your ultimate business goals.

​Learn how I created a successful Interior Decorating business with a steady clientele through my 12-Key Steps in my Interior Design Guide that will help you Build, Brand & Market a Sustainable 6-Figure Profitable Interior Design Business.

Looking forward to seeing you at the top!

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